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Service excellence that is recognized and rewarded is service that is repeated.

All PACWEST Security Services programs of recognition are true measures of our customer service success. Through these programs our security personnel receive recognition for their support of our outstanding quality of service culture. We recognize that employee recognition inspires employees to perform at a higher service level, and service excellence that is recognized and rewarded is service that is repeated. 

Ownership and management express sincere appreciation for our employees’ hard work, good judgment, and continuous efforts to strive for customer service excellence. 

Employee Incentive & Retention Programs

Service H.E.R.O. Recognition


This unique partnership program offers you the opportunity to recognize  PACWEST employees at your account who demonstrate a commitment to H.E.R.O. customer service. 

Officer of the Year Award


One of the winners of the monthly award is then recognized at the end of the year as Officer of the Year. This can also be a stand-alone program within each client location.

Officer of the Month Award


This is a stand alone program within each client location. We will design the program along your guidelines and with your goals in mind.

Site Supervisor Bonus


Under this program, Site Supervisors are rewarded for the successful completion of monthly tasks that enhance the level of service you receive. 

Quality Service Award


To recognize excellence in service, one employee is selected each month from each branch office and chosen as the Quality Service Award winner.

Employee Safety Award


Employees are rewarded for meeting our service and safety goals. This represents to each employee the value of continually being aware of safety in and around the facilities in which we work.

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