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Fire life safety training, consultation, & certification services

Full Time, In-House, Certified Trainers

Fire Life Safety training is conducted by our full time, in-house trainers who are fire life safety certified by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department. Our trainers have the experience and certification necessary to help you put together quality Fire Life Safety and Emergency Procedures programs.  

Fire Life Safety Services

Floor Warden Training


We will train Floor Wardens/Monitors discussing the buildings fire/life safety systems, fire prevention and their responsibilities during an emergency.  

Floor Response Team Manual


The Floor Response Team Manual contains the duties of the Floor Wardens during an emergency. PACWEST can provide additional Floor Response Team Manuals for your property team.

Fire Drills


We coordinate fire drills, including preliminary floor warden training and notice to the fire department. We document each drill and produce an "After Drill Written Report" for your staff and the local fire department.

Emergency Manuals


The Emergency Procedures Manual is the backbone of any safety program, We have the experience and certification necessary to develop and update your Emergency Procedures Manual. 

Building Occupant Brochures


PACWEST can provide the state mandated materials to Occupants explaining emergency procedures and building floor plans. 

CPR/First Aid & AED Training


Each PACWEST Fire/Life Safety Instructor and Consultant is instructor certified through the American Red Cross. 

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