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Reducing your costs, enhancing human performance

Robots Are Improving Security Efficiency

Robotics is still in it's infancy, so don't expect them to replace us anytime too soon. But, robots are able to efficiently carry out routine mundane tasks with full reporting, and have the ability to adjust scheduled jobs/tasks based on changing operational needs and requirements. They are also able to provide reliable protection under conditions that are adverse for human beings. 

PACWEST Security Services has partnered with UBTECH and NXT Robotics to offer our clients an automated and cost effective solution that will enhance security tasks normally provided by our “human security officers”.  Humans and robots working together allows for increased and enhanced security coverage, while simultaneously lowering client costs.

Robotic Partners



Cruzr robotic platforms are modular and highly customizable for our clients environments. Features can be modified, including input devices such as touch screens, cameras, card readers, buttons, sensors, etc. With Cruzr's robot platform, clients can customize according to their own specific application scenarios. 

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NXT Robotics


NXT Robotic's Scorpion is a rugged, weatherproof, all-terrain design that makes it the choice to perform autonomous security in outdoor environments. Scorpion has the ability to maneuver through all types of topography; dirt, gravel, sand, mud, and in inclement weather conditions.

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Cruzr Video

Cruzr by UBTECH is a cloud based intelligent humanoid robot providing service for a variety of markets and environments. Offering user friendly, humanlike interaction, Cruzr provides customized AI business services. Cruzr’s video surveillance system and autonomous security patrolling skills send out alert notices via APP, recording video to keep your property protected 24/7. To further enhance the human like experience, UBTECH is currently working on a walking Cruzr. 

Cruzr by UBTECH

Human Like Characteristics


Cruzr moves like a human, and has flexible arms providing a range of motion. Cruzr is capable of shaking hands, greeting visitors, and self navigating around objects or people. 

Facial Recognition


98% recognition rate. It identifies faces in milliseconds. Cruzr is an open source platform that lets you implement 3rd party resources for emotion detection, gender, age, ethnicity recognition, etc.

Auto Docking & Self Charging


Cruzr's battery provides 5-8 hours of active use (24 hr. standby). When its battery is getting low, Cruzr will automatically return to its self-charging dock. 

Multimodal Interaction


Cruzr "multi-modal interaction" integrates various interaction modes. This makes the interaction more fluid and more human like, which greatly enhances the user experience.

Manufacturing Cruzr


Since 2012, Cruzr R&D and manufacturing has been located in Shenzhen China. However, UBTECH does maintain a sales, tech support and service office in downtown Los Angeles.



Cruzr's robotic platforms can be configured for a wide range of applications; lobby ambassador, leasing agent, and indoor security patrol. It offers safe and easy access to endless resources to meet specific needs. 

Scorpion by NXT Robotics

Easily Controlled


Scorpion 2, is easily controlled via a mobile client or web interface. Sentry function is performed via user defined routes and schedules. 

Flexibility & Convenience


The platform features NXT Robotics proprietary NXT OS, an advanced operating system that controls all robotic functions and also incorporates the sensors, cameras and communications.

Rugged & Weather Tough


Scorpion is built on the world’s most rugged ground security platform and can be deployed in deserts, tropical or cold environments. 

On-board Sensors


Scorpion’s on-board array of sensors, cameras, and other devices provide data points and observations. Its on-board analytics capabilities provide real time assessments and can alert its controllers to numerous potential situations.

Night Vision & Thermal


Armed with a robust sensor package and 4 cameras including night vision and thermal, Scorpion is an autonomous outdoor robot that provides round the clock coverage.

Manufacturing Scorpion


San Diego based NXT Robotics provides service robots to support increased security monitoring and alerting requirements. The R&D and service support is in San Diego, manufacturing facility is in Reno, Nevada.

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