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Online, real time, reporting & GPS tracking management technology

PACTrax State-of-the-Art Technology

PACTrax™ is a mobile and web based security operation management software, powered by TrackTik. It provides a live dashboard for 24/7 real time compliance and tracking, and enhances operational efficiency. Additionally, reports can be easily customized to meet each clients specifications. PACTrax™ is the perfect all-in-one security solution, meticulously designed to meet client reporting and archiving needs.

Online Real Time Reporting


Our field personnel enter data, shift start and stop times, text notes, photos and videos, diagrams, guard tours, and signatures via a handheld smart phone or tablet, then synchronize data in real time.

Vehicle Patrol Reports


Meeting our contractual obligations with PACTrax provides a more efficient route optimization based on scheduled times and client locations, combined with automated notifications sent to clients. 

GEO Fencing & GPS Tracking


GEO fencing creates a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a real time alert notification when a PACTrax device enters or leaves a particular area. 

Daily Activity Reports


Reports are customized with multiple data field entries adapted to client needs. Our personnel capture all relevant shift, site, and guard tour information then upload it in real time and online. 

Incident Reports


Customized incident reports are more accurate and efficient. Reports include text, diagrams, photos, videos, signatures and more. Distribution of reporting is based on each client’s needs.

Incident Trending Analytics


These are rich and professional data driven reports. Maximizes your return on your security budget by suggesting the optimal use of security solutions to mitigate the site's overall risk level. 

6 Reasons You Benefit


  1. CENTRALIZES - PACTrax organizes & centralizes post orders, emergency contacts, various reports (daily, incident, etc.), guard tours, employee check ins/outs, and archives all for easy online searching.
  2. EFFICIENT - Reduces administrative tasks, eliminating manual procedures and paperwork. It provides real time client reports with automated report submission and notification.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY - Live dashboard provides you with all the answers you need in real-time.
  4. PROFESSIONALISM - Enhances our field personnel professionalism and improves reporting efficiency.
  5. EFFECTIVE - Optimizes incident information gathered in the field and enhances operational effectiveness.
  6. NOTIFICATIONS - Flexible notification options allow you to instantly receive alerts so you can take immediate corrective action.

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