Training is key to service excellence and quality performance

Since no training program can be 100% comprehensive, the training program must become an on going effort, continuous from the first day of employment. At PACWEST, our employees are constantly evaluated as to their job knowledge and provided with updated instruction as necessary. 


This training segment is designed to provide the new employee with basic information regarding the duties of the security officer. The state of California guard card test, orientation to company policies and procedures, and report writing are some of the subjects presented here.  


Professional Security Television Network (PSTN) provides us with high-quality eLearning solutions. This comprehensive library of training content offers over 2500 subject specific training modules, assisting our training specialists in developing custom training programs for any situation.  


Basic Instruction Training (BIT) is a site-specific segment that instructs the employee of all operational procedures and policies of the client security program. This phase of training is provided by the Site Supervisor or Field Supervisor.

On-Going Site Specific

Additional site-specific training is provided by way of training meetings. This segment represents on-going training that will be needed to meet the changing requirements of the client security program.  


Depending on the service program selected and the specific needs of your site, PACWEST will develop and provide customized training. Customized programs are conducted by our training specialists. 

Leadership Development

Leadership development is vital to the success of any organization. Through this program we identify and develop the leadership skills of our personnel so they can excel in current and future positions within our company.

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