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Service firmly rooted in the satisfaction of two customers; employees & clients

Our Service Focus Is Always On The Customer

To have and maintain the highest client retention rate in the contract security industry we must provide quality service that is valued by our customers.  That means we consider the dignity and assist in the development of each employee, while providing a safe, challenging and cooperative work environment. Then we provide quality service that is valued by our clients.


Security Professionals


PACWEST security personnel present a welcoming image, possess excellent communication skills and are fully capable to respond to any challenge to the safety and security of your property. 

Vehicle Patrol


Our uniformed patrol officers work in well marked vehicles equipped with the latest online real time reporting  and GPS tracking technology. They create a cost effective and positive deterrent to crime.

Fire Life Safety


Fire/Life Safety training, consultation and certification services are provided by our full-time, in-house trainers, certified through the City of Los Angeles Fire Department. 

Additional Fire Safety Services


Services consist of, but are not limited to; fire drills, emergency procedure manuals, floor response manuals and training, occupant brochures, and CPR/First Aid/AED training.  

Technology Enhancements


We bring you intelligent automated security solutions that enables cost effective, efficient operations of security monitoring and reporting services that complement our human service. 

Executive Protection


Executive protection that ensures the safety of VIP's, or individuals who may be exposed to personal risk due to their employment, high-profile, net worth, affiliations or geographical location.

Security Safety Seminars


Here are some, but not all of the security and safety seminars offered; Workplace Personal Safety & Security, Crisis Management, Violence in the Workplace, and Active Shooter.

24/7 Field Supervision


Our supervisors are in the field 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to conduct onsite inspections, provide additional training, monitor personnel appearance, and the safety status of your property. 

Responsive Management


Our experienced ownership and management team is committed to the continuous improvement and to the achievement of your company’s security and safety goals. 

Representative Clients